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What is a DPF?

A DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter is a part within the exhaust system of diesel engines that removes diesel particulate matter or soot (the black stuff that comes out of the exhaust) from the exhaust gas as it flows out of the engine. The device looks like a big metal container with pipes coming out of either end. Inside the DPF are special metals that look like a grate, as the gas flows through the grate the soot is left behind. Overtime, or due to incorrect oils or maintenance the DPF can become blocked

Symptoms of a blocked DPF

- Check engine light comes on;
- Engine power is limited;
- Your vehicle will not travel past a certain speed;
- Your vehicle is stuck in limp mode.




Our Innovative DPF Cleaning System

Our experienced and accredited technicians have been diagnosing and fixing diesel engines for over 20 years. The DPF Regen Cleaning System was designed by our experienced technicians. The system is state of the art and highly effective.

Unlike traditional DPF Cleaning, the state of the art DPF Regen DPF Cleaning System is:

  • > Non-abrasive;
  • > Non-corrosive
  • > Uses Ultrasonics that do not damage your vehicle

DPF Regen can therefore clean your DPF without any risk of damaging your DPF or your car. What’s more, being a state of the are Ultrasonic cleaning system it is possible to clean your DPF multiple times, saving you an exorbitant amount of money in comparison to the cost of replacing your DPF.

DPF Cleaning by DPF Regen will save you thousands as our solution removes the need for a replacement DPF and is a long lasting solution.


We can also safely and reliably clean:

 Diesel Inlet Manifolds , Diesel EGR valves , 
Diesel Inter-Coolers & Most Engine Components



How DPF’s used to be cleaned

Previously some organisations and mechanics would try and “clean” or “regenerate” Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF’s) using extreme heat or harsh chemicals. DPF’s are built using special precious metals and composite materials. Therefore "cleaning" DPF's using extreme heat or harsh chemicals damages the DPF. Consequently, DPF’s that were poorly

"cleaned" would not operate correctly and eventually fail, catastrophically sometimes.

Gradually many mechanics and service centres started to believe that DPF’s could not be cleaned or regenerated and would recommend customers waste up to $8,000 replacing their DPF’s.

DPF issues therefore became very expensive problems for customers and commercial fleets to fix, until DPF Regen was launched.



Get the most out of your Diesel Engine and save thousands in repair bills.

Get your DPF cleaning with DPF Regen Now!

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The Best DPF Cleaning

Our quality workmanship and years in business means you can trust us to professionally clean your Diesel Particular Filter.

Great Value & Safe

Our state of the art diesel particulate filter cleaning equipment enables us to provide a premium service for a great value price.

24 hr turn around time

Our advanced system allows us to clean DPF’s within 24 hours getting your vehicle back on the road sooner.