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VW DPF Regeneration or Replacement

Looking after your VW Diesel engine means caring for your diesel particulate filter. When your vehicle is not performing to its optimum it could be that the DPF is blocked or damaged.

At DPF Regen we can diagnose the problem and advice you on the best course of action to correct the issue.

If your DPF just needs cleaning then we have specialized carbon cleaning processes that will make the DPF crystal clean. In addition, because our cleaning techniques do not damage the DPF you can have it cleaned time and time again.

However, if your DPF is damaged we can replace the DPF with our own high quality DPF’s made to manufacturers specs but at a much lower price than dealer sourced DPF’s.

Whatever your need we can save you hundreds of dollars.


All our VW DPF’s are: 

  • Rigorously tested to provide flow rates that are equivalent to original OEM specifications;
  • High quality alloy or steel;
  • Shipped to you within 48 hours and delivery quickly as we are in Australia;
  • Backed by our warranty*;
  • Backed by our wrong part guarantee (if it doesn’t fit send it back within 7 days for a full refund (less shipping)
  • Backed by an Australian Company (DPF Regen) with a reputation for quality in the automotive industry;
  • Great value – thousands of dollars cheaper than dealer provided DPF’s

Do not risk your VW. Choose a quality DPF from DPF Regen.


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Client name:
Dale Richmond
93057 Mountain View CA, USA
May 10, 2012
June 10, 2012
$ 125 000
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