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About DPF Regen - Who We Are

At DPF Regen, we are experts when it comes to Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Ultrasonic cleaning, using our expertise to help customers across a wide range of projects and industries. With over ten years of experience, we use the latest in Ultrasonic technology for the precision cleaning of mechanical and industrial parts. Our experienced team are also seasoned diagnostic technicians that offer diagnostic advice to all our customers. 

DPF Regen is based in Sydney, but our Ultrasonic and DPF cleaning services are available nationwide. We pride ourselves on outstanding precision cleaning using superior workmanship and industry-leading technology. For your peace of mind, all work completed by our team comes with a six-month warranty.

Our Values

DPF Regen takes great pride in the quality of each service we provide. When it comes to DPF cleaning, we believe that every customer should leave with their diesel engine running better than before. This is achieved by precision cleaning of the Diesel Particulate Filter which helps to prevent further engine troubles.

For industrial parts, our deep cleaning will reduce the chance of replacements being needed in the future. Furthermore, Ultrasonic machines should save our customers money, with no operator being required, reducing labour time by up to 80%.

We are proud to be making a positive difference to the environment with our work. Our carbon cleaning service is designed to reduce clouds of smoke and emissions from a DPF, in order to make them work more effectively. As for our Ultrasonic cleaning devices, their ECO mode optimises energy use, significantly reducing electricity consumption.

What We Provide

Great Customer Service

DPF Regen has a dedicated team of professionals, ready to help with any of your DPF or Ultrasonic cleaning needs. We work with meticulous care, cleaning mechanical and industrial components with industry-leading accuracy. Before each clean, our team considers what exactly we can do to help diagnose the problem and prioritise the best solution for you.

Quality Workmanship

Our Ultrasonic technology has been utilised to precision clean across many industries, including marine parts and components of food production facilities. Ultrasonic cleaning is fast, effective and safe.

Superior Cleaning Processes

For DPF cleaning, we remove carbon and soot with a process that is second to none. Our service is non-abrasive, non-caustic and involves no incineration, which results in perfectly cleaned components.

cleaned dpf component

Our innovative cleaning process

Traditional DPF cleaning uses extreme heat to remove carbon and soot, which can cause damage to parts. Our innovative process allows us to avoid such measures, offering a safer and more effective method. Unique to DPF Regen, we can offer repeated cleans on DPF components, due to the effectiveness of Ultrasonic cleaning.

This method has allowed us to take our cleaning services far beyond just engines. If you are in need of a perfect clean for industrial parts, Ultrasonic cleaning is the way to go.

If you are looking for the best Ultrasonic or DPF cleaning Sydney has to offer, DPF Regen is here to help. To book a service or receive a free quote, get in contact with our friendly team on 1800 808 306 today.

Top Rate Service and Satisfied Customers Every Time

Other Things You Might Want To Know

We do not only clean DPF’s, EGR Valves, Diesel Inlet Manifolds, and Inter-coolers but we sell affordable NEW DPF’s.  Made to manufacturers specifications but at a price far below the going rate.  You will be impressed with the price and the quality of these new parts.

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Questions? Call 1800 DPF-RGN (373-746)  and press 4 .

Grow your Dealership or Workshop by ordering new DPF’s and DPF, EGR Valve and Manifold regeneration from DPF Regen.

Experts in Diesel Components

We provide a high quality and reliable service to many dealerships and workshops in Australia. We are experts at DPF’s and DPF diagnostics with many years experience. Our experience is your advantage.

Provide your customers with another high quality option instead of just an expensive DPF, they will love you for it and you will grow your margin.

A wholesale/trade account with DPF Regen is a great way to grow your dealership. There are numerous benefits including:

  1. Reduced wholesale prices;
  2. Job priority
  3. Express delivery
  4. Completely confidential service (your customers won’t know about us);
  5. Diagnostics guidance.

To apply for a trade account please fill out the form on this page.

Please use your business email and phone number.

All accounts will be verified first (usually within 3 days) before you will have access to wholesale prices.

At DPF Regen we offer a Pick-Up and Return delivery service for all clients. Our service will make your life easier and that gives us satisfaction.

It is our pleasure to offer a 3-month nationwide warranty on all our cleaning.NB: We make sure that you get your cleaned DPF’s,  inlet manifolds, EGR valves and intake components in a pristine carbon and soot free condition. It is your responsibility to ensure that they are installed in this same quality condition or the warranty could be void.

Our 24-hour turn around ensures that you will have your car back on the road quickly.