DPF Regen is the Team to Trust for Diesel Solutions

We Aim to Transform Infrastructure for a cleaner environment and a better tomorrow

Who we are

  1. Have been cleaning engine components for 9 years
  2. Provide 6 months warrant on all DPF cleans

DPF Regen is a diesel particulate filter & engine component cleaning company committed to quality and service. We have been cleaning DPF components for …. years in the Sydney area but our services are available nationwide.

First of all, at DPF REGEN we pride ourselves on working with superior workmanship and friendly, helpful service in diesel particulate filter cleaning. Furthermore, we offer cleaning services for other engine components that suffer from soot accumulation.


Our values

  • To provide all of our customers with a complete solution to maintain, and optimise, their vehicles for great value.

What we provide



Delivery Services

At DPF Regen we offer a Pick Up and Return delivery service for all clients. Our service will make your life easier and that gives us satisfaction.


It is our pleasure to offer a 3-month nationwide warranty on all our cleaning.NB: We make sure that you get your cleaned DPF’s,  inlet manifolds, EGR valves and intake components in a pristine carbon and soot free condition. It is your responsibility to ensure that they are installed in this same quality condition or the warranty could be void.

Satisfied Customers

Our work at DPF Regen is top rate and our customers are always satisfied.



Our innovative cleaning process

Our diesel particulate filter cleaning process is a de-carbonization and soot removal cleaning process that is second to none. We offer an non-abrasive, non-caustic, non incineration processes, that is environmentally friendly and preserves your vehicles original condition.

DPF Regen’s latest ultrasonic innovation has resulted in a giant leap forward away from the damage associated with DPF cleaning using “extreme heat”.

Clean your DPF multiple times

Our innovative process allows us to clean DPFs in a new and safer way and to offer you repeated cleans on DPF components – An Australian first and something not available anywhere else.

EGR Valves and other engine component cleaning

At DPF Regen we not only offer excellent cleaning of DPF’s but also expert cleaning of EGR Valves and Coolers, Turbo Intercoolers and all other engine components..  You will be impressed with the quality of our cleaning. You will love the improved performance of your diesel engine.

Full DPF and engine diagnostic services

Unique to DPF Regen is our ability to offer full DPF and Engine Diagnostic services by qualified diagnostic technicians – something no other DPF cleaning organisations offer in New South Wales.


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