Before and After DPF Cleaning

DPF REGEN’s unique ultra-sonic cleaning process returns DPF’s to near new original condition.


 Whether your DPF or EGR Valve is blocked or very close to being blocked, our ultra-sonic cleaning process can in the majority of cases remove the blockage and return your part to near new condition.
soot on dpf

Izuzu DPF Before Clean

clean dpf

Truck DPF After Cleaning

dpf component with soot build up

Inlet Manifold Before Cleaning

dpf cleaning

Inlet Compont After Cleaning

soot on dpf component

Toyota Hilux EGR Valve Before Clean

egr cleaned

Toyota Hilux EGR Valve After Clean

Ready to have your DPF cleaned and save thousands?

  1. Give us a call on 1800 DPF-RGN (373-746) or Book Online
  2. Drop your car in to our shop or have your DPF sent to us
  3. We’ll assess your DPF and give you the results
  4. We’ll have your DPF cleaned fast within 48 hours
  5. You drive off having saved thousands instead of replacing your DPF

Need a full technical diagnostic of your vehicle’s problems?

We have partnered with Bosch Service Centre, to provide full technical diagnostics of your vehicle. Our friendly and highly experienced team are here to assist you.

To book a technical diagnostic to determine the cause of issues with your vehicle give us a on 1800 DPF-RGN (373-746) or Book Online.