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The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a filter within the engine’s exhaust system that reduces the emission from diesel vehicles. The emission control device captures exhaust soot and stores it inside the filter, preventing harmful carbon particles from entering the atmosphere. 

The DPF within a vehicle requires ongoing carbon cleaning services to prevent the filter from becoming full. Otherwise, the DPF can hinder the performance of your diesel vehicle and has the potential to cause significant damage to your engine.

A diesel vehicle will alert the driver that it requires a DPF cleaning service in a number of ways, including a:

  • Dashboard warning light.
  • Loss of horsepower.
  • Reduced fuel economy. 

It is vital that these warning signs are not overlooked, as a full filter will damage your DPF which will result in requiring an expensive particulate filter replacement.

AT DPF Regen, we perform diesel particulate filter cleaning services using industry-leading Ultrasonic machines (ACM-1000E, ACM 2000).

What are the benefits of a DPF clean?

Economically efficient

DPF cleaning services increase the vehicle’s fuel economy and performance, saving drivers on petrol and future car services. Keeping your DPF clean will help reduce the cost of running a diesel vehicle and increase the resale value.

DPFs that are cleaned regularly are less likely to become damaged and need a particulate filter replacement. Currently, the diesel particulate filter cleaning cost is 10% of the price of replacing the DPF, leading to significant savings for diesel vehicle owners. 

Environmentally friendly

The DPF was specifically designed to prevent diesel vehicles from producing large clouds of black smoke and reduce carbon emissions. Systematic DPF cleaning services ensure that the DPF works at optimal efficiency year-round, reducing the negative environmental impact caused by exhaust emissions. 

Quick and safe

When completed by our experienced and professional team, DPF cleaning is a quick and safe process that improves the longevity of your vehicle and saves you on costs down the track. 

In an Australian first, our team offers repeated cleans on DPF components within diesel vehicles using innovative and efficient processes. By effectively evaluating the soot levels within the vehicle’s DPF, our specialised processes clean the DPF filter without causing damage. 

Additional components

Alongside DPF cleaning, Ultrasonic technology can be used to clean a variety of vehicle parts, including:

  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve – The EGR Valve recycles exhaust gas back into the engines combustion chamber. It must be cleaned periodically to effectively control the vehicle’s carbon emissions.
  • Intercooler – Intercoolers are air coolers that lower the temperature of the inlet gas within a vehicle to densify the air and optimise combustion. Without regular cleaning, the intercooler will fail to regulate combustion levels. 
  • Inlet Manifold – The inlet manifold evenly distributes air between the vehicle’s cylinders. Systematic cleaning is required to maintain this process.

At DPF Regen we use Ultrasonic cleaning technology to remove 100% of the contamination within these parts without damaging them. Our Ultrasonic machines use precision cleaning to remove built up grit on metal and plastic components. Our team of seasoned diagnostic technicians offer diagnostic advice on all DPF components to be cleaned, ensuring that our customers have a thorough understanding of what needs to be done and why.

DPF cleaning services will help maintain the longevity of your diesel vehicle, reduce carbon emissions and save on future replacement costs. To book your DPF cleaning service today, give us a call on 1800 808 306 or request a free quote

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