DPF Issues and Diagnostic Tips

We have many years experience with DPF diagnosis and cleaning.

See our  DPF Regen – Wheels Magazine Article in Wheels Car Magazine on common DPF issues (page 28)

Symptoms of a blocked DPF

– Check engine light comes on;
– Engine power is limited;
– Your vehicle will not travel past a certain speed;
– Your vehicle is stuck in limp mode.

hilux dpf soot build up
dpf hilux

Diagnostic Tips

When troubleshooting the cause of issues with your diesel engine and/or emissions system it is important to look at the following and know the answers to these questions.

We recommend all our customers read through these tips before calling.

  1. When did fault occur? Has the fault occurred previously & if so what repair was conducted at that point in time? What is your typical driving cycle (i.e. City driving or highway driving)?
  2. Diagnostic scan: Extract fault codes & live data. Document heavy soot accumulation & high differential pressure at idle & under load.
  3. Check if your oil level is higher than normal on the oil dipstick & whether the oil appears diluted.
  4. Check for turbo intercooler leaks, split hoses or turbo related issues etc.
  5. Remove accessible parts of the air intake system to check for excessive carbon/soot build up in the inlet manifold, EGR Valve and/or EGR Cooler.