EGR Valve Cleaning

How EGR’s Work

EGR valves work by recirculating some of an engine’s exhaust gas back to the engine cylinders. Instead of the harmful exhaust gas being released into the atmosphere it is fed back into the engine’s combustion chamber.

Exhaust gas re-circulation or (EGR) is a nitrogen oxide (NOx)  reduction techniques are used in petrol/gasoline and diesel engines.

Why clean EGR Valves?

Over time EGR Valves and the piping connected to EGR Valves start to get block due to excessive carbon and soot build up. This leads to less of the gas being recirculated, reducing the performance and efficiency of your engine.

EGR Warning lights

In extreme cases blocked EGR Valves can cause other expensive engine issues which is why it is important to clean EGR Valves regularly.

It is critical to address EGR related issues the moment an EGR warning light displays on your vehicle instrument cluster. Extensive damage can occur to the electronic solenoid section of an EGR valve if no action is taken immediately.


EGR Cleaning Saves you Money

Replacement EGR Valves are expensive. Inexperienced mechanics and new vehicle manufacturers will recommend that you replace your EGR valve simply because they are unaware there are innovative cleaning solutions that can bring the EGR Valve back to near new condition.

The mechanical section of an EGR valve can be perfectly cleaned using our unique non-abrasive, non-caustic ultrasonic cleaning process at a fraction of the cost of a replacement EGR.

We can save you money and worry today.


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