Do you cut DPF’s open?

Unlike other DPF cleaning organizations in Sydney, we do not cut DPF’s open. Our Ultrasonic cleaning process is able to remove the majority of soot and particles from most DPF’s removing the need to cut and re-weld DPF’s. Cutting open DPF’s damages the efficiency and effectiveness of the DPF and can cause other issues with your vehicles emissions system which can be costly. Hence why we do not cut DPF’s open.


Do you provide a warranty?

Yes we provide a workmanship warranty on all of our work. We provide a high quality service and your satisfaction with our work is one of our highest priorities.


Will DPF cleaning work on all cars?

DPF cleaning will work on the majority of cars, trucks, utes and vans. What is important to keep in mind is that often vehicle issues that appear to be related to the DPF can in fact be caused by other parts in the vehicles engine management system. Consequently, where you are not certain your issue is related to your vehicles DPF we recommend booking in a full diagnostic with our friendly and experienced team.

When A DPF is cleaned, there are various important diagnostic applications that have to be performed. To date we cover most passenger & commercial vehicles & some trucks. Big Prime Movers etc need all operating parameters & adaptations reset at the acting workshop etc or at the customer’s discretion should you wish to remove the DPF yourself.


Does the price include removal of the DPF?

The price to clean a DPF does not include removal of the DPF.


How much is it to remove a DPF?

The cost to remove a DPF varies from vehicle to vehicle as some DPF’s are more time consuming to remove than others. Removing a DPF requires all exhaust sensors to be detached and also for the engine’s oil to be drained. Consequently, when we remove a DPF for you we will also complete a service on your vehicle. We are able to remove DPF’s for you or, alternatively, you can have your mechanic remove the DPF and send it to us for assessment and cleaning. To get a quote on DPF removal give us a call.


Can I bring the car to you?

Absolutely you can bring your car in. It is best to book ahead by calling or emailing us.

However, for a faster turn around time we recommend you instead send, or have your mechanic send, your DPF to us. After you purchase a DPF clean through our site, if you would like us to speak with your mechanic to organise having your DPF sent to us please call.



How long does it take to do a DPF Clean?

Usually is takes less than 24 hours for us to clean a DPF.


How can I make sure my DPF stays clean in the future?

There are many factors that can cause DPF’s to block. Some of the most common causes of DPF blocking/failure include: (1) Not driving the car for long enough to get the internal DPF regeneration system to reach optimal operating temperature; (2) Using the wrong oil with your vehicle.

Therefore we recommend that you only ever use the recommended oils with your vehicle and ensure you regularly get your vehicle up-to optimal operating temperature by going for a long drive.