How To Care For Your DPF At Home!
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Helpful tips on caring for your vehicles DPF at home

  1. Run your car faster. To have the regenerative components of your diesel vehicle work efficiently you need to travel faster. Sitting on the speed limit and getting out for some longer drives than the around town commute will help keep your DPF in better order.
  2. Use the correct oil that exactly suits your engine.  This ensures that less carbon build up occurs and fills your DPF.
  3. Have regular checks of your EGR valve. Keeping this valve working will help minimise the soot reaching the DPF.
  4. Never use additives or corrosive DPF cleaners on your DPF. These cleaners and additives appear to work but in the long run damage your DPF. Buying a new dealer DPF can cost you thousands.
  5. Contact DPF Regen for your next clean.  They have ultrasonic DPF cleaning found nowhere else.  It is non-caustic and does not damage your DPF. You can have your DPF cleaned repeated without harm.

Do your part


At DPF Regen we provide a complete solution to maintain and optimise your vehicle. Our DPF regeneration services provide the best value for money available.  Genuine, professional service of the top-rate kind.

For expert DPF care contact DPF Regen on 1800 DPF RGN.


Our innovative cleaning process

Our diesel particulate filter cleaning process is a de-carbonization and soot removal cleaning process that is second to none. We offer a non-abrasive, non-caustic, non-incineration processes, that is environmentally friendly and preserves your vehicles original condition.

DPF Regen’s latest ultrasonic innovation has resulted in a giant leap forward away from the damage associated with DPF cleaning using “extreme heat”.

Clean your DPF multiple times

Our innovative process allows us to clean DPFs in a new and safer way and to offer you repeated cleans on DPF components – An Australian first and something not available anywhere else.

EGR Valves and other engine component cleaning

At DPF Regen we not only offer excellent cleaning of DPF’s but also expert cleaning of EGR Valves and Coolers, Turbo Intercoolers and all other engine components..  You will be impressed with the quality of our cleaning. You will love the improved performance of your diesel engine.

Full DPF and engine diagnostic services

Unique to DPF Regen is our ability to offer full DPF and Engine Diagnostic services by qualified diagnostic technicians – something no other DPF cleaning organisations offer in New South Wales.

We Save You Money

Specialized Restorative Cleaning

DPF Regen have a one of a kind, ultrasonic cleaning process that is non-corrosive and non-abrasive.

Repeated Cleaning Possible

Our cleans are so careful that your DPF returns in pristine condition and undamaged. You can have repeated cleans as required.

After-Market DPF’s For Less

Not only do we clean DPF’s in a superior way but we have new after-market DPF’s made to factory specs and standards at a fraction of new dealership DPF’s. We can save you thousands.

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