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Diesel ParticulateFilter Cleaning

DPF are essential, government regulated exhaust emissions regulator. They are a mixture of cordierite, silicon carbide or metal fibers and they capture soot being emitted from the exhaust pipe. They fill up until they cause back pressure and unless regenerated at this point can cause damage to your car.

DPFCL $395

Diesel Inlet Manifold Cleaning

The inlet manifold is a series of tubes that distribute the air coming into the engine evenly to each of the cylinders, so that the right amount of air can mix with the right amount of fuel. Carbon buildup can significantly impede the healthy function of your engine performance.


Diesel EGR Valve Cleaning

The EGR valves help your car to more efficiently and completely burn fuel by recirculating a portion of your exhaust and running it through the combustion process again. This results in a cooler, more comprehensive burn of the fuel which decreases your car emissions.


Diesel Inter-cooler Cleaning

Intercoolers increase the efficiency of the induction system by reducing induction air heat created by the supercharger or turbocharger and promoting more thorough combustion. It is essential to keep the intercoolers free of residue build up and have your diesel running efficiently and smoothly.

INLCL $240

Catalytic Converter Cleaning

A catalytic converter changes toxic pollutants from exhaust gas to less toxic substances by catalyzing a redox reaction. They can develop a build-up of residue which impedes the vehicles overall performance.

CATCL $395

Cylinder Head Cleaning

The cylinder head is the metal casing which covers the engine. It seals the main cylinders of the engine and prevents oil and other substances from getting out. It also contains a number of valves vital to the engine. These components need regular cleaning to maintain the top performance of your vehicle.

CYLCL $165

Engine Blocks & Components Cleaning

The engine block is the main structural component of an engine. It supports and helps maintain alignment of internal and external components. To maintain optimum performance of a vehicle the engine block needs to be cleaned regularly and residue build-up removed.

ENGCL $195



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